Poker online turning completely to Bitcoin Poker

Poker players are spent in cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. And once the market was thriving, some seemed focused on that than poker.


Things Don’t Always Go as Planned

But which has changed in latest months for obvious reasons. The crypto marketplace is struggling, to say the least. Bitcoin opened on Tuesday morning at just north of $3,300, nearly $2,600 better than two years back on the same day. That’s the wonderful news.

The bad news is most investors didn’t even become involved until a year ago or sooner. On December 11, 2017, Bitcoin reached $17,399. Just six days after, the digital coin hit an all-time high value of $19,870.

At that time, Poker Twitter was buzzing about the capacity of the coin. Can it continue increasing and possibly reach $100,000 one day? That’s what some experts believed. Therefore, few marketed high, anticipating a get-rich-quick investment. Most didn’t want to make what we’ll phone a “Barry Greenstein mistake. ”

The PokerStars pro and Poker Hall of Famer stated earlier this season on Joey Ingram’s podcast which had he never sold off his Amazon shares a decade back, he’d be a billionaire now. What if Bitcoin along with other digital coins continued climbing in value at the pace of Amazon? Poker players saw the upside and didn’t want to miss out on possibly creating a cozy nest egg.

But for all those that began investing over the past year — which covers many poker players on social network — the returns have been dreadful. A $19,000 investment just over a year ago is currently valued at around $3,300. The internet loss is worth a lot more than a WSOP Main Event buy-in.

Immediately after Bitcoin peaked in a shade below $20,000, the coin went down-hill. Throughout 2018, Bitcoin slowly diminished, climbing in value occasionally only to again take a dip. March 8 was the last day the price exceeded five-figures.


Bitcoin Plunge Changes Poker Twitter Banter

Doug Polk was a crypto enthusiast the past few years. He even created what became a popular YouTube station on the subject. But even he hasn’t tweeted about crypto because he made a sarcastic comment about the Bitcoin dip on Nov 24.

Less than a year ago, Poker Twitter unofficially became Crypto Twitter. Many who weren’t spent found it annoying. But Twitter was a wonderful forum for investors to share advice and brag about gains.

Given that crypto is falling, Poker Twitter is back. The articles have gone from investment advice to processor pile reports. Few seem in the mood to discuss crypto nowadays, for some unknown reason (sarcasm).


Bitcoin Poker

Making profit through poker online

Poker is an extremely popular game both in the traditional scenario and on the web. One can play online for fun or opt for the real money poker which is both rewarding and enjoyable. The reasons for playing this game varies from person to person. But there are some common reasons which answers the pertinent question – why is online poker so popular?

Social Rewards Playing together is more important than the actual competitiveness of the game when you play at home or online. If this is the main reason then people will have a tendency to stick to low stakes as money would be considered as a part of the proceeding only and not the focal point. Making Money

The online poker real money websites allows an individual to add to his pocket money or earn some real hard cash simply by sitting at home and playing competitive poker. If you love playing then you can actually make a good amount of money effortlessly. The best thing about this arrangement is that you need not step outside your home to play the game. No wonder, the lure of money has certainly made online poker very popular among the people.

Educated people love to play poker online as it gives them an opportunity to learn the game more thoroughly while playing it. Almost all the sites offer detailed guidelines on regarding how to play poker and some sites even allow you to play dummy games so that you can hone your skills before playing for real cash. The game of poker is very popular among people as it helps to sharpen the logical and strategic skills of an individual and also improves the judging instincts of a person which allows him to read people better.